Trip Planning Breakfast

I have more than just my fingers and toes crossed that my planned trip to Arthur’s Pass goes ahead this weekend. Sunday’s forecast is looking less than ideal but I have plan B and C in the wings.

I‘m the kind of tramper that gets organised in stages. Stage 1 is always the food, I do have a lot on hand in the pantry but I hate the thought of rushing to the supermarket at the last minute and being totally unprepared with my meals.

I’m dedicating this particular post to breakfast, as I’ve said in a previous blog, it’s the most important meal of the tramp.

Admittedly, I’m only going for one night and for me it won’t be a strenuous trip, but I haven’t been away overnight since well before lockdown so I’m expecting to burn a fair bit of energy.

For breakfast I really like to have something hot, and being gluten free means that oats are off the menu.

I like to create a nourishing meal, containing good quality carbs and protein, and as little waste as possible.

So here it is, a hearty mixture of quinoa flakes, dates and trail mix (dried fruit, raw nuts and coconut flakes), and a scoop of protein powder all mixed up with hot water.

I also love to have a hot beverage with my breakfast too, especially on the cooler mornings. I’m not a coffee drinker, so herbal tea is my thing. I don’t like taking tea bags with me as they create a lot of waste, being just another thing you have to carry out. In recent years I have gone to loose leaf tea, and have been experimenting with a vessel to hold the leaves. I managed to find reusable tea bags and this will be their first outing, I have very high expectations……

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