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About Venture Outdoors

Here at Venture Outdoors NZ, we are proud to be a small family-run business born out of a passion for the outdoors. We often found it challenging to find the service we expected from outdoor shops, particularly around food. Many stores only had food in stock to cover a need, and the staff simply didn’t make an effort with the food. Nick (who runs the show, more on that later) has worked in the outdoor retail sector for numerous years and had first-hand experience of the ‘food sells itself because it’s there’ mindset. But that has changed with Venture Outdoors NZ.


Venture Outdoors NZ was created to do one thing: give you the service that you deserve with your outdoor food and accessories. We might be an online store, but we are proud to be able to help our customers with food choices.


We are so proud to be able to help our customers that we offer what we think is a guarantee that you will only find here at Venture Outdoors NZ. The ‘Love Your Meal Guarantee’:


“If we give you a food recommendation that we think is great, and you hate it, we will refund your meal.”


Of course, you can see the fine print here, but otherwise, it’s as simple as that. If you reach out for a food recommendation, and we say it is great tasting and you’ll love it, but it’s not, and you can’t stand it, you get it free.


Venture Outdoors NZ, as we said earlier, is a family-run business. Run by Nick and Erin, Venture Outdoors NZ was a passion project to get customers the service they deserve with their outdoor food. Nick has a background in the outdoors; he has spent many years working for various outdoor retailers, doing outdoor instruction, and getting out into the wilderness. Nick moved into pre-hospital medicine a few years ago and now works within the ambulance sector. He Is currently studying towards qualifications relevant to this. Nick still has a passion for the outdoors and a passion for providing that service that you deserve.


We stock brands that we love and use ourselves on our adventures. We often use our photos for our marketing because we think it’s essential for you to see that we use the gear we sell. It is the gear we trust!