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Biltong Meat

Have you ever tried air-dried venison? Biltong meat products are of high quality, high protein, and highly snackable tramping snacks. Whether you’re looking for a trail snack or something more substantial, Venture Outdoors has the Biltong Meat products for you.

We strive to provide the best, freshest, highest quality foods for your tramping, camping, fishing, and hunting trips. Biltong meat is perfect for these adventures. When you want a quick, nutritious piece of air-dried venison biltong meat, nothing else will do.

As long as there have been adventurers and explorers, there has been some version of biltong meat. Air drying the meat creates a delicious, convenient way to get the proper nutrition needed for an extended tramp or camping trip.

Keeping energy up is essential when tramping, and being able to eat a quick snack every hour or two will help maintain the necessary energy level for you to keep going. Biltong meat is lightweight, ultra-portable, and delicious. Air-dried venison snacks will get you to your next destination with all the energy you need.

Pair your biltong with a beer (or a glass of wine if you prefer) at camp for a nice, relaxing snack at the end of the day. Venture Outdoors brings you several varieties of air-dried venison and other biltong meat items. We proudly offer Canterbury Biltong products that are conveniently packaged and ready for your tramping.