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Lyndal’s Ladle Smokey Bacon & Sweetcorn Super Soup


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Combining the sweetness of corn and the rich taste of smoked bacon (which isn’t actually bacon, so ideal for vegetarians), this is a soup you’ll wholeheartedly enjoy. The smoky bacon taste has been created by mixing herbs and spices such as smoked hickory and paprika.

It's smooth and delicious, with whole corn kernels for that extra pop. You can add some cooked bacon pieces if you like it meaty, but an incredible taste sensation has been secured right here in this packet.

It's a convenient, healthy hit in a cup.


Net weight 65g - 3 serves per packet.



-Put 3 level tablespoons into a cup or bowl

-Add 250ml of boiling water and stir briskly for 20 seconds

-Allow to stand for 2 minutes to thicken





Potato, Milk, Sweetcorn, Cream, Savoury yeast, Natural bacon flavour, Turmeric, Salt, Pepper

Other Information

Contains Milk