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Jed’s Coffee Co. Bean Bags Blend No.5


Blend No.5 is a bold, dark & rich roast

Product Details

These 100% Fresh NZ Roasted Coffee in an easy-to-use single-serve size Bean Bags. The cleverly designed pyramid shape tricks your cup into thinking it is a plunger, not a bag. It then brews the perfect cup of coffee! And because we know you’ll want to take this everywhere – each bag is individually sealed to go where you do, ready to take on your adventures.

The path to perfection starts with the clever shape of the Bean Bag, which lets the fresh coffee brew as it does in a plunger. The secret is the two squeezes with a good brew in between.


100% fresh roasted coffee
Brewed in your cup, no mess
Single-serve, no fuss
Coffee bean bags with plant-based materials
Individually sealed to go wherever you do