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How to make “Crafty Weka Porridge”

With this Covid Alert Level 4 lockdown, we thought, ‘why not get into the kitchen and make something up, and the result, Crafty Weka Porridge. What is this Crafty Weka Porridge, you ask? Well, read on to find out what Crafty Weka Porridge is, what you need and how to cook it.


Crafty Weka Porridge

Crafty Weka porridge is a great, easy to cook, and delicious breakfast meal for your tramping trips. Crafty Weka Porridge is a fast cook meal that will take only around 5 minutes to cook. We cooked this in a Jetboil Flash 2.0, but you could use any cooker and pot set up you have. You can effortlessly scale the recipe up for more people by increasing the number of bars you use. You can also use any of The Crafty Weka Bar flavours and any variety of freeze-dried fruit.

Makes one serve

Ready in – 5-10 minutes

Total weight – approx 85g excluding milk/water


Nutrition info (when using standard milk)

Per serve

Energy 1930kJ

Protein 13.7g

Total Fat 25.7g

Saturated Fat 5.3g

Carbohydrates 40.5g

Sugars 26.9g

Sodium 118mg



The Crafty Weka Bar Cacao & Hemp Bar 75g

Back Country Cuisine Absolute Apple 10g

Approx 100ml standard milk or water




  1. Chop the Cacao & Hemp bar into small chunks, chop the Freeze-dried apple into smaller pieces also.
  2. Add Milk and the chopped Crafty Weka Bar into the pot and begin heating. Be careful not to heat it too fast, and ensure you keep stirring to avoid it sticking to the base of the pot).
  3. Once the Cacoa & Hemp bar has started to break apart and is getting warmed up, add the chopped up apple.
  4. Continue to stir until the apple is heated and rehydrated; this will not take too long.
  5. Eat right from the pot or serve in a bowl and enjoy this hot, simple, fast breakfast.