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Field Testing Radix Nutrition

On my recent North Canterbury overnight trip with friends. I was fortunate enough to take some Radix Nutrition with me. My dinner was Mexican Chilli with Organic Beef and breakfast was Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast.

Our first day had been a decent workout, it was the first overnight trip and decent pack weight since before we all went into Covid lockdown.

Mexican Chilli with Organic Beef

After having a decent walk and steep climb to get to the hut, I was feeling a bit drained. The hut was full so we were tenting out in the wind and cold. Needless to say I was really looking forward to having a nice hot nutritious meal and feeling full of energy when I got up in the morning.

After boiling water and following the directions for adding to the packet, I had a sudden brain wave. Instead of leaving the packet to soak, I put it up my jumper to warm me up. This is by far the best tip I can give anyone, I was so toasty warm I forgot to check the clock and ended up having it soaking to 20 minutes rather than the 10 as instructed, this probably is of no consequence and I don’t think leaving it to soak longer is detrimental to the meal.

I then headed for my tent to shelter from the wind and enjoy my meal.

This meal was super tasty, not overly spicy but definitely enough heat for the cold night. It rehydrated so much better than other brands I have tried. It was full of flavour and looked like real food. Such a pleasure to eat and I would rate it a 5/5.

Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast

The next morning, after a very restless night, I was up early. I was still well satisfied from dinner the night before which was great.

The brilliant thing about this breakfast is that it can be had cold or hot. Given that I had been cold all night and we were going to start our day on the exposed tops, I decided to have this breakfast hot.

Either option here requires no soaking, this makes for a really efficient breakfast option especially if you are need to get away quickly.

After adding the required amount of hot water and giving the packet a really good stir, I eagerly dug in.

This breakfast was incredibly tasty, the apple and cinnamon flavour came through really strong, and even though I had added hot water it didn’t turn to mush.

For this meal I would also rate it 5/5, for speed and flavour.